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Divorce Med​iation

As a married couple who is looking to de-couple, there will be many issues to sort through and you may not be in agreement. Divorce mediation is an effective way to reach a divorce agreement without the cost and stress of taking each other to court. Most importantly, it's done peacefully.

Parenting Time Dispute Resolution

As a Parenting Time Expeditor, I am able to help work through issues that arise after a parenting time plan is already in place. Through the Transformative Family Mediation process we work together to address issues that arise after the divorce is finalized and parenting time plan established. We will work off your decree and the issue at hand to find a peaceful resolution. 

Child Welfare

Through Transformative Family Mediation we will find common ground with the goal of building strong families. Starting with family strengths and identifying areas of growth, parental resilience will be reviewed along with addressing any toxic traits.  Social connections are built, a concrete support plan for times of need is created, knowledge of parenting and child development along with social and emotional competence of children.

Call for more information:

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