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Your Facilitator

Erika Lee, RN, BSN

A little about me, as you consider me to facilitate a mediation or being a parenting time expeditor for your family. I am a mother of 2 boys plus a bonus boy. I worked as a pediatric critical care RN for 17 years. As the profession changed I longed for another way to support and work with families and children. Having gone through my own divorce in 2014, I have experience being in the trenches of de-coupling and all that is involved. I am a trained Transformative Family Mediation and Circles neutral facilitator. Being trained as a nurse I am holistically minded and realize that many areas of life are multifaceted and must be addressed in order for individuals and families to move forward from times of conflict. I am currently working on completing a Masters in Psychology with a focus in Child and Adolescent Development. I am trained in Transformative Family Mediation which included training in Domestic Violence and Child Welfare. 

 I look forward to working with you and your family. 

Call Now : 1 (651)-592-4210

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